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History of Long Beach, MS

by Mary Ellen Alexander, August 10, 1980

       Long Beach, Mississippi was incorporated as a town on August 10, 1905, though it had been a growing settlement for a number of years prior to that date. It's history depicts the courage, the commitment, and the perseverance of its early settlers, the forebears of many present-day Long Beach residents, as they cleared the land, built their homes, their churches, and overcame obstacles such as those which were faced by all early pioneers. Truly they left to us, their descendants and the citizens of this town, a goodly heritage.

     "The Friendly City" was a slogan selected then. It is just as appropriate now, as our people give of themselves, their time and resources to work for a worthy cause or to help a neighbor in need, and for this we are grateful. In so doing, we will preserve our "bedroom" community. So, as we move forward into the years which are ahead, let us do so remembering our past.   


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Highway 90 & Jeff Davis Avenue (looking west)

Long Beach Harbor                                               

Long Beach Harbor                                      

Long Beach Harbor Office                             

Jim Simpson Sr. Memorial Fishing Pier              


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